Osymetric Chain Rings are very easy to install. Please have a look over the directions included with your rings, or have your local bike shop put them on for you. If you or your shop have any questions just call and we can walk you through any issues you may have encountered.

Download Installation Guide
With Osymetric chainrings is there a chance that the chain will fall off more frequently?
No, when properly adjusted there is no reason for the chain to come off. The front derailleur needs to be located just 1-2 mm above the tallest tooth and we offer a “chain catcher” on the site for those that feel they need one for thier downshifts. They are a great idea for all bikes… Just ask Andy Schleck…he could have used one in last years TDF.
Are OSYMETRIC chainrings louder?
Yes, the sound of the chain on the relatively flat portion of the ring is a little bit noisy,use good quality chainlube and keep chain clean to reduce unwanted noise. The rings also start to wear in after a few weeks of riding and get much quieter.